Philadelphia asset protection lawyer

Asset protection is necessary to guard your savings, your home, your vehicles, and other assets from lawsuits. If your job function involves service of some type such as medical or even the food industry, your personal assets may be at risk. Our Philadelphia asset protection lawyer will provide you with asset protection services to make sure your bank accounts, your home, and all of your assets remain safe and in your hands.

Our Philadelphia asset protection lawyer will divide out some of your investments to place them overseas where they will be save from lawsuits. Dividing out your assets is a simple process and you need to do so in order to keep them protected. Since there is a fine line between asset protection and hiding your assets from the courts, we will sit down and take the time to review all of your options will you to make sure everything is legitimate so you cannot be held in contempt due to missing paperwork.

The other thing you will receive from our Philadelphia asset protection lawyer is information on what you can do on your own to reduce your exposure and keep your assets safe. Here are a few simple things you can do to avoid legal issues that may arise with your assets:

  • Do not send large transfers to family members. This can often be considered fraudulent transfers and the court can use them against you. Typically the courts will go back about 2 years when they are trying to convict you.
  • If you have a large sum of money, avoid being too flashy with it. Some of the richest people in the world avoid hitting up the expensive resorts/spas and flash their money around because they are trying to maintain a low profile. This is your best option if you want to keep your assets safe. Meet with an attorney to discuss some other things you can do to reduce your exposure.
  • Liability insurance. This will help to protect your assets, but it is not the only thing you must do with a good asset protection strategy which is where our Philadelphia asset protection lawyer will be able to assist you. The thing you need to watch out for with liability insurance is their coverage options. Fraud is never covered, which means the claim will be denied and your assets will be at risk.