Philadelphia conservatorship attorney

When do you need to hire a Philadelphia conservatorship attorney? There are a number of reasons but the most popular is because you feel that your elderly loved one was influenced to changing the beneficiaries in the trust.

A trust will provide financial means for you during your life and it will also pay for your funeral expenses and other things. It will then be divided amongst your beneficiaries after your death. This is why it is important to create a trust when you are of sound mind because you can easily be influenced when you are suffering from dementia and other elderly health issues. The courts may need to establish conservatorship if you do not have a trust set up and you need someone to have authority over your decision making abilities pertaining to your healthcare issues and your finances.

Our Philadelphia conservatorship attorney will research the case to find out if a trust was previously prepared with the names of their chosen beneficiaries. If we find that the elderly individual made an amendment to the trust during a time when it seemed they were mentally incapable, we will work with the courts to ask for a "subsisted judgment" case. This way a loved one that was cut out of the will can be added to the will or new beneficiaries that were added will be taken out.

The Philadelphia conservatorship attorney we appoint to your case is required to make sure the wishes of the deceased are carried out properly. We believe strongly in fulfilling your personal wishes and desires over what the court sees as "interpretation" of your wishes. It takes a lot of evidence to overturn a trust that has been amended and it make take some time for us to do the research and gather the evidence we need to support the claim to change the trust back to it's original state.

There are several things our Philadelphia conservatorship attorney will research when trying to prove your case:

  • Medical records that support the claim that the loved one was not of sound mind when they made the decision to change their trust.
  • Evidence of new relationships that may have a motive. Quite often elders can be taken advantage of by people that are in a position to help them because of their mental state. We will search for proof of undue influence on the elderly individual.
  • Original documentation of the living will and trust before it was changed.