Areas of Practice

  • Estates Not Subject to Federal Estate Tax
    • Basic Estate Planning Package (Simple Will, Power of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directive/Living Will).
    • Complex Wills.
    • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts.
    • Special Needs Trusts.
    • Medicaid Planning.
    • Documents to fit the Client’s Unique Situation.
  • Estates Subjectfederal Estate Tax
    • Asset Review.
    • Estate Plan to Minimize or Eliminate Federal Estate Tax.
    • Tax Saving Transfers.
    • Formula Unified Credit/Marital Trust Wills.
    • Family Limited Partnerships.
    • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts.
    • Charitable Trusts (Lead Trusts and Remainder Trusts).
  • Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia
    • Preparation of All Probate Documents.
    • Preparation of All Transfer and Fiduciary Income Tax Returns.
    • Collection of Assets and Payment of Obligations.
    • Maintain Records.
    • Recommend Tax Savings Strategies.
    • Preparation of Accounting and Closing Documents.
    • Prepare Federal and State Fiduciary Income Tax Returns.
  • Philadelphia Estate Attorney
    • Will Contest Before the Register of Wills and Orphans’ Court.
    • Objection to Accountings.
    • Surcharge Issues.
    • Defense of Fiduciaries.

Philadelphia Elder Law Firm

Planning for death is not easy, especially when you reach your elderly years and many people seem to take advantage of you. Philadelphia elder law firm offers the chance to plan for your death and to make sure your assets are sent out to your loved ones and other beneficiaries according to your wishes. There are 2 main aspects pertaining to Philadelphia elder law firm that our law offices will be able to help you with:

  1. Elder Law. This pertains to all of your assets and affairs that need to be managed over a long period of time in the event that you have a disability in your elderly years.
  2. Elder Planning. This involves paying for taxes, legal fees, and leaving everything behind the way you prefer, not the way the legal system will divvy out if you don’t properly plan your estate.

Our Philadelphia elder law firm strives to help you with your estate planning needs and to make sure your final wishes are properly carried out. Our trusted advisors and attorneys will be able to easily walk you through the process of planning your estate to make sure you understand everything before we start filling out the paperwork. We want you to be comfortable and knowledgeable about planning your estate, which is why we do not place strict deadlines on elderly clients to make sure you are prepared and ready to handle this process.

Discussing the end of life and the transfer of assets from your estate to your loved ones is an emotional process. We understand how difficult it is to make these decisions and we work hard to make the entire process easy and as painlessly as we possibly can.

When you are planning your estate, some law firms do not inform you about all of the fees involved in your estate. While you may pay fees up front, we make sure your loved ones aren’t going to be stuck with legal fees, large taxes, and other fees that can happen after you pass away. Our Philadelphia elder law firm will help you plan for nursing home costs and other legal needs so there is enough funding to pay for it and so there is plenty of money left behind to pay for your funeral expenses and burial.

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