Areas of Practice

  • Estates Not Subject to Federal Estate Tax
    • Basic Estate Planning Package (Simple Will, Power of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directive/Living Will).
    • Complex Wills.
    • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts.
    • Special Needs Trusts.
    • Medicaid Planning.
    • Documents to fit the Client’s Unique Situation.
  • Estates Subjectfederal Estate Tax
    • Asset Review.
    • Estate Plan to Minimize or Eliminate Federal Estate Tax.
    • Tax Saving Transfers.
    • Formula Unified Credit/Marital Trust Wills.
    • Family Limited Partnerships.
    • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts.
    • Charitable Trusts (Lead Trusts and Remainder Trusts).
  • Estate Lawyer in Philadelphia
    • Preparation of All Probate Documents.
    • Preparation of All Transfer and Fiduciary Income Tax Returns.
    • Collection of Assets and Payment of Obligations.
    • Maintain Records.
    • Recommend Tax Savings Strategies.
    • Preparation of Accounting and Closing Documents.
    • Prepare Federal and State Fiduciary Income Tax Returns.
  • Philadelphia Estate Attorney
    • Will Contest Before the Register of Wills and Orphans’ Court.
    • Objection to Accountings.
    • Surcharge Issues.
    • Defense of Fiduciaries.

Philadelphia estate and will lawyer

Do you need to hire a Philadelphia estate and will lawyer? Many people try to set up a will on their own, only to find out that it may not be legitimate and the court may end up deciding to transfer your assets as they see fit. This is why it is so important to hire a Philadelphia estate and will lawyer to help you draft a will and plan out your estate so it is delegated according to your wishes.

Never put off planning your will. You have the option to change it in the future but it is important to create one to spare your loved ones from debating over decisions pertaining to your medical needs if you have been injured and you can only survive with life sustaining services. You must meet with a qualified Philadelphia estate and will lawyer to explain the different aspects of a living will along with planning your estate so your beneficiaries will be taken care of.

In addition to planning your own estate, we can help you if you are working with the estate of a parent or loved one. If you have been designated as the trustee our Philadelphia estate and will lawyer can offer you advice on how to properly manage the estate to make sure your loved ones assets are protected and then divided properly according to their final wishes.

Some of the kinks that you may run into when you are planning your estate is what happens if your primary beneficiaries are underage? If you are leaving everything to your children, they will be unable to touch it on their own until they are at least 18 years of age. During the time when they are a minor you will need a beneficiary to manage the account and to make sure the improper spending is not occurring. This person usually is the guardian of the child. This is a big decision you need to make as you need to find a person that you trust with your children and place them into a home that you and your children are comfortable with. We can provide you with information pertaining to guardianship of your children in order to make sure they will be taken care of properly.

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