Philadelphia family probate court

Are you concerned that you may need to go to probate court? Philadelphia family probate court is common when you have a loved one pass away and you need to settle their estate. If your loved ones did not take the time to create a living will where their assets were divided according to their wishes, Philadelphia family probate court is necessary to settle these legal issues.

Understanding Probate

As mentioned previously, probate is the transfer of assets after the death of a person. It's the legal process you must undergo if you are one of the beneficiaries of the deceased person. During probate, you will work with our attorneys to settle all of the taxes, insurance, and debts of the deceased individual. Philadelphia family probate court is usually necessary when you are dealing with large amounts of money that need to be dispersed.

Why do we need to attend probate?

Most people do not need to worry about attending probate court if their loved ones were able to properly plan their estate. There are 3 main reasons why you may need to attend Philadelphia family probate court:

  1. Improper Execution. This happens if your loved one doesn't have a legal will or the will they wrote wasn't clear.
  2. Mental Incompetence. When the will was created, your loved one may not have been in a mentally competent state to make the decisions in the will.
  3. Undue Influence. If the will was written when the decreased was under duress, it will need to go to probate.
Asset problems

There are a number of people that need to attend probate because the assets were solely owned by the deceased. During probate court you will work with our attorneys to make sure everything is taken out of the deceased person's name and transferred to your name. The other reason why you will need to go to probate is because the property was jointly owned. If the last will and testament has legal heirs listed as the new property holders in the event of their death, probate is the only way to settle this matter.