Philadelphia probate litigation

When a loved one passes away, their last will and testament will make sure all of their final wishes are properly carried out. The last will and testament provides information pertaining to the funeral, burial, and what to do with the assets after their death. Philadelphia probate litigation allows us to gather the descendants together to make sure everything is properly taken care of. Each will must be filed through probate courts to make sure everything is valid.

Our attorneys will make sure your Philadelphia probate litigation will go smoothly. We will locate all of the missing heirs, contact creditors to settle debts, pay off outstanding debts, contact government entities like Medicare and Social Security, and we will also obtain all the necessary property appraisals. Depending upon the extent of the will, the probate process will last about 3-9 months for our lawyers to settler everything.

What causes Philadelphia probate litigation to stretch out longer? Usually it is because someone is contesting the will or because the deceased individual did not have a last will and testament. When there is a dispute in the family and you have someone contest the will, your best option is to hire out attorney's to settle the matter. Typically heirs will contest a will because they believe they deserve something from the estate and they may feel that their loved ones were not of sound mind when they created the will. This means the descendant's estate will pay for the legal counsel to object the plaintiff that is contesting the will. Hiring one of our attorney's to handle your case will reduce some of the contention that may exist between the siblings that are feuding over the will.

Philadelphia probate litigation is a very complex process and it will benefit you greatly to work with one of our experienced attorney's that can settle your loved one's will. We will be able to help you plan your estate so you don't leave your beneficiaries in the same situation that you found yourself in when your loved ones passes away.