Philadelphia revocable trust lawyer

One of the most commonly used estate planning options is a revocable trust. The reason for this is because you have the option to revoke the trust at any time to make sure the assets are not sent out to the beneficiaries that are listed in the trust. This can happen when there is a falling out in the family or another problem that causes you to change your mind about your trust. Our Philadelphia revocable trust lawyer will be able to help you revoke your trust to keep your assets safe in your hands and not in the hands of others. If you don't want to completely revoke the entire trust, you do have the option to modify it, which is strongly recommended versus revoking the entire trust.

You need a good Philadelphia revocable trust lawyer at your side to guide you through the process of establishing the trust and to make sure there are not any loopholes in the trust that could cause the revoke to be terminated, making your revocable trust into an irrevocable trust. Our lawyers will provide you with excellent information pertaining to trusts and we will advise you of the various options that are available. If you have young children to provide for, we will also help you find the best trust to establish for them in order to ensure that your property passes to them when you die.

Before meeting with our Philadelphia revocable trust lawyer to establish your trust, here are a few things you need to prepare in order to set up your trust correctly:

  • Take an inventory of your assets and write down their estimated value. This will help our lawyers decide which type of trust you need to establish.
  • Figure out what property you will need to have re-titled like your real estate and automobiles
  • Create a pour over will for the Philadelphia revocable trust lawyer to review and merge with the trust. This way in the event of your death the pour over will and trust will account for all of your assets, even if you neglected to mention some in your trust.