Philadelphia trust lawyer

What will happen to your assets in the event that you pass away? Have you taken the time to meet with a Philadelphia trust lawyer to plan out your living will and trust? It can be a challenge to make sure all the assets are properly distributed to your loved ones. Leaving your assets to be debated among your loved ones can be a bad decision as there will be fighting between siblings even if you may not see signs of it beforehand. The family dynamics will change and no matter what you do to avoid it; your children may end up in probate trying to divide up the assets.

Our Philadelphia trust lawyer will help you arrange your trust to avoid having it go to a long probate court where your children may need to fight over certain things. The trust will make it easier for everyone involved, especially since this is going to be an extremely difficult time for them anyhow. Setting up a trust will eliminate the probate process entirely so your wishes are carried out exactly as you listed in the trust.

Unlike other law firms, we provide consultation services pertaining to your living will and trust. Our

Philadelphia trust lawyer will easily walk you through the process of setting up a trust and you will find that our fees are quite affordable for every budget. We will also make sure all assets are transferred to the trust which means we will prepare new deeds and other forms for your real estate property.

A Philadelphia trust lawyer will also transfer the rest of your assets like your bank accounts, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and additional investments to your trust. The amount of time it takes to set up a trust is extensive, which is why it's much easier to allow us to do it for you. With our experience and years of expertise in the industry, we know how to work with banks and brokers to make sure the assets are transferred in a timely manner and that everything is organized. We will make sure all of this is done ahead of time in the event that you do pass away or your trust will need to go to probate.