Philadelphia trusts

Do you know what Philadelphia trusts are? A number of people hear the term but they do not recognize what it actually means. A trust is a way to secure your assets and transfer them to your children and other in the event of your death. Trusts are often set up by grandparents to providing funding for their grandchildren's education. They are a great way to protect your assets and they are also a great way to provide you with great tax benefits.

Our law offices provide excellent information pertaining to Philadelphia trusts so you can leave behind the money for your children and to provide them with security for their futures. You need to set this up soon as you never know when you may die and if you haven't planned out your estate, your loved ones may not be able to have the financial security they need, which is essential if you are leaving behind minors.

Philadelphia trusts can also be used to reduce your tax burden and your risk of being flagged for lawsuits by individuals that thrive on big paydays for no effort on their part. Using these trusts, it will guarantee your assets, so the courts cannot come after them in the event that a lawsuit has been filed against you. There are other money-saving tips our law firm can provide you with in order to guarantee that your assets will be safe and you won't end up losing everything from a malpractice lawsuit.

When you are establishing Philadelphia trusts for your loved ones, it helps to prepare a few legal documents ahead of time so your appointment will be able to go smoothly. Some of the documents and things you need to bring include the following:

  • State your wishes in a document that we will incorporate into your trust
  • Include information pertaining to your beneficiaries
  • Appoint a trustee and list specific duties they are in charge of

Our law office will be able to provide you with help on choosing the right trustee for your trust as this is a very important decision since this person will be in charge of investing money and supervising the property and assets you have.