Philadelphia wills

You need to have a will in order to tell people how you would like to have your estate managed after you pass away. Philadelphia wills are important because the state will decide how to control your properly in the event of your death. The state has the legal authority to donate your property or keep it and sell it. Dying without a will is terrible as none of your wishes will be carried out the way you'd hoped. Philadelphia wills can become complex and there are many of them you need to review in order to chose the right will for your needs.

Our law firm provides quality service pertaining to Philadelphia wills and we will be able to walk you through the basics of setting up a will and making sure it is legal.

What is a will?

A will basically tells the state and your beneficiaries how you want your estate to be managed after your death. Each asset you have will be properly distributed according to your wishes.

What makes up a will?

A will is a legal document that describes your final wishes. You must appoint an executor over your estate. The executor will have control over your estate in order to properly manage it after you have passed away.

Philadelphia wills may have a few specific orders you need to follow in order to set it up properly. Sometimes you may have issues transferring your property because you live in a community sell property. Without establishing a will, the property usually rolls over to your spouse. If you prefer to the property with other heirs, you must create a will.

Conditions on the will

One of the great things about establishing a will is that you can choose to make conditions on the will. This allows you to tell your children that they are unable to get the money unless they make good on certain promises like completing their education, etc.

Allow our law firm to help you plan your will so your estate will be transferred correctly and to prevent your loved ones from dealing with legal issues that may arise if you didn't create a will.